OFA AFE Winners 2022

Melanie Butler for Customer Service

Melanie Butler is a project manager/engineer for Capital Project Management in the Facilities Division and was nominated by William Davis for the Customer Service award. Melanie manages numerous complicated engineering projects that save the university millions of dollars in energy costs, enable the Facilities Division to provide reliable utilities to the whole campus, and most of all, help NC State stay safe, all while providing exceptional customer service to support the stakeholders she serves. Melanie is the go-to for issues on structural engineering, building codes, and life safety systems across campus. Each day she gives 110% effort! Her successful track record on projects and her ability to provide clear, concise, and accurate information to keep her stakeholders informed and happy make her the ideal candidate for the Customer Service award. 

Raven Evans for Human Relations

Raven Evans is a lead staffing specialist for University Human Resources.  She was nominated by Kristen Schmitt for the Human Relations category. Raven’s job is to fill temporary positions, and she plays a huge part of the university’s initiative to recruit a skilled and diverse workforce. Her ability to implement this initiative has led to many successful job placements on campus, including permanent roles. Her advocacy shines through in her role and in the overall workforce representation of NC State and UNC Chapel Hill. Raven is motivated to create a truly diverse campus and build bridges for underrepresented individuals into positions of recognition and in successful careers. She inspires others by embracing this vision and creating positive change. Raven leads the charge and exemplifies our institution’s drive toward inclusion and diversity.

Libby Hueschen for Spirit of North Carolina

Libby Hueschen is an Administrative Support Specialist for the Facilities division. She was nominated for the Spirit of North Carolina award by David Witherington. Libby is responsible for providing customer service support in the Administrative Services III building. During a recent call, Libby learned that the caller’s daughter had been sick and was struggling to get food and groceries. The parent lived hours away, so Libby decided to take action by making a meal and making arrangements to deliver it to the student the next day. Libby’s actions and positive influence will be remembered for a long time by the student and her mother and also by her colleagues. Libby embodies the Spirit of North Carolina. Through her actions, Libby inspires each of us to make this a better world.

Chris Lemons for Efficiency and Innovation

Chris Lemons is the Endowment Accountant for Foundations Accounting & Investments and was nominated by Emily Lowman for the Efficiency and Innovation category. Chris is the steward of endowment information in Fundriver, an endowment management software and led the most recent upgrade. His vast knowledge of campus users’ needs ensured that the information presented within the system is the most useful to our end users. He spent countless hours on this upgrade in addition to performing his regular duties. Chris’ work and dedication resulted in many efficiencies for both our office and for campus as a whole. It has also reduced the margin for error, reduced costs, and resulted in a more attractive, user-friendly interface for campus use.

Stephen Smith for Safety and Heroism

Stephen Smith is a Public Safety Officer at NC State’s Police Department. He was nominated for the Safety and Heroism award by Daniel House because of a heroic act that saved an individual’s life. Last February, Officer Smith responded to a potential suicide attempt by an individual who had locked herself into an apartment bathroom. Officer Smith and other emergency responders gained access to the apartment and found the individual unconscious and bleeding. Officer Smith quickly provided emergency aid when the bleeding would not stop, Officer Smith reverted back to the tactical medic training he received and applied a tactical medical tourniquet. Doing so, allowed him to slow down the bleeding until more advanced medical personnel arrived. Because of his intervention and quick thinking, the individual survived the incident. 

Jimmy Wright for Public Service

Jimmy Wright is the Director of Facilities Operations and Planning for Campus Enterprises. He was nominated for the Public Service award by not one but two colleagues: Jennifer Gilmore and Kristie Juda. After struggling to help their own son find a supportive way to complete high school after substance abuse rehab, Jimmy and his wife Leah led the charge to open the first high school in the Triangle dedicated to students recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. This leadership and fundraising lead to Wake Monarch Academy, established June 2021. Jimmy is now an active member of the Wake Monarch Academy Board of Directors. He continues to advocate for youth who struggle with substance abuse, provide resources to individuals in need and changing the narrative and stigma around addiction in his community.