Business Leads

Business Leads are the college and division business representatives to the Office of Finance and Administration. The Leads meet bi-monthly to discuss trending topics affecting university business processes related to finance and human resources. To request an opportunity to speak with the Business Leads or attend a meeting, please contact the Business Leads Co-chairs, Barry Olson and Betty Byrum.

Business Leads
Athletics, Christy Scheid, Human Resources, Director
Athletics, Diane Moose, Sr. Associate Athletic Director / CFO
CALS, Joyce Munro, Interim Director of Budgets and Planning, CALS Business Office
CALS, Rebecca Zuvich, Assistant Dean for Personnel
CED, Lilia Collazo, Assistant Dean, Finance
CHASS, Betty Byrum, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration (Co-chair)
CNR, Shane Jarvis, Assistant Dean, Finance and Business
COD, Felicia Womack, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
COE, Connie Reno, Assistant Dean, Personnel and Administration
COE, Virginia Teachey, Assistant Dean, Finance and Business
COS, Lee Ann DeRita, Assistant Dean, Business Operations
COS, Nikki Price, Assistant Dean, Culture, Talent, and Human Resources
COT, Alicia Lecceardone, Employee Relations Strategic Partner
COT, Shawn Dunning, Assistant Dean of Finance, IT, and Facilities –
CVM, Milburn Holbrook, Assistant Dean of Business and Finance
Scholarships & Financial Aid, Shawn Smith, Assistant Vice Provost
CVM, Sheri Renno, Assistant Dean, Human Resources
DASA, Barry Olson, Associate Vice Provost, Business Administration (Co-chair)
AOE, Jessie Sova, Assistant Vice Provost, Business Operations
Graduate School, Mike Walker, Assistant Dean, Finance and Operations
OIT, Karen Horne, Director, Business Services
ORIED, Rick Liston, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Administration
Office of the Provost, Vicki Pennington, Assistant Vice Provost
PCOM, Arnette Ejire, Assistant Dean, Budget and Finance
University Advancement, Derek Bryan, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration
NCSU Libraries, Joseph White, Director, Finance and Business
DASA, Holly Durham, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance